Decent antioxidant blend that I enjoyed having in the mornings.

First I would like to thank Kyani for sending this superfood supplement out for review, and the SR TROOP’s program for making the connection possible. I’m always down to try supplements that include superfoods in liquid form since it doesn’t hurt getting more into my diet. This was a decent tasting drink that provided a good sense of overall health, but I’m not going to say these were drastic changes or benefits though.
—-Ingredient Profile—-
The primary portion of this supplement is the antioxidant blend, and on the label they’re not disclosed in amounts although that’s a lot of foods to say how much of what is in this. Basically I looked at this as it being me taking fruits and veggies and juicing them. But the end result tasting better from Kyani which surprised me. Notable fruits are the Alaskan blue berry mainly, then pomegranate, kale, spinach powder, etc. Basically they’re all superfoods. Other notable ingredients beside the antioxidant blend are inositol, theanine, and taurine. Inositol is good for cellular growth and repair while also assisting with nerve signals as well. Theanine is great for immune functions and helps keep the brain healthy. Then there’s ancient sea salt as well. Overall the ingredient profile isn’t too bad and I was definitely happy to give this product a go.
Taste is actually pretty good surprisingly. They use other fruit concentrates such as from pear to help keep the flavor pretty balanced. If not this would probably taste terrible. This is a pure juice so no mixing really is needed, but if you do mix it with a different juice it does mix easily. Dosing was 1oz. which I took once each morning on empty stomach.
My overall mood and energy levels increased slightly while using Kyani Sunrise. This I’m sure is caused from starting this supplement and using for about a week. Joints seemed to feel a little less stiff as well as the days of use continued. The main part I like this for is digestion and immune boosting. After about a week of using this my whole family got sick, and I even ate some of my sons food and still never got even a cough. Definitely had to do with diet, this supplement, and exercising. I mean they were coughing and toughing on everything lol digestion wise my poops seemed less hard and easy to let out I guess is the best way to put it.
$38.95 as their Prime member or $42.95 from their website. Given the ingredients I wouldn’t ding them too bad for price, but then again it should be a little cheaper to make it affordable enough for more customers. I don’t know of too many exact products like this that I can think of, but definitely know some of these fruits and other foods are not the cheapest to buy either.
—-Side Effects—-
Kyani Sunrise overall was a great tasting antioxidant blend that did great services for my digestion and immune system. If you have the extra money I’d suggest giving this a try if in need of more nutrients. Thanks again for allowing me to review your supplement Kyani.

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